Welcome to the Crimson Verse WikiEdit



The game known of Crimson Verse has just been released to Open Beta and with it many players have joined in. Amongst them are some players seeking an escape from Reality while others are merely seeing it as just another game. Not for the faint of heart, but definitely worth the time of participation. So, come and join us!

Classes Edit

Brandier       Guardian        Reaper        Harrier
Cleaver        Dualist         Berserker     Lancer
Beast Tamer    Druid (WIP)

Monsters Edit

Slimes        Goblins          Orcs          "Goo Girl"
Wolves        Energy E.        Succubus      Incubus
Vampires      Dragons

Drops Edit

Key: Italics are elemental-based drops. Bold are ultimate weapons

First item is a Normal drop, Second item is a Field drop, Third item (if applicable) is a Ruins drop.

Slimes Edit

Green Slime:  Slime Core       Slime Skull
Blue Slime:   Slime Crystal    Emerald Ore
Black Slime:  Slime Fang       Midnight Eye

Goblins Edit

 Goblins:     Goblin Bone      Onyx Ore

Orcs Edit

Orcs:         Orc Tusk         Jasper Ore

"Goo Girl" Edit

"Goo Girl":   Goo              Sapphire Ore    

Wolves Edit

Wolves:       Wolf Fang        Apatite Ore

Energy Elemental Edit

Energy E.:    Y. Quartz Ore    Marcas. Ore    

Succubus Edit

Succubus:     Succubus Milk    J. Heart      Battleaxe of Ancients

Incubus Edit

Incubus:      Incubus Draft    O. Skull      Death's Scythe

Vampires Edit

Vampires:     Bat Wing         Blood Draft

Dragons Edit

Normal:       D. Scales        D. Claw       Ruby Ore (Red)
Field:        D. Scales        D. Claw       Eye of Dusk (Black)         Eye of Dawn (Gold)
Ruins:        D. Scales        D. Claw       Whip of Ancients (Amethyst) Sword of Ancients (Crimson)