Dragon scales are the quintessential crafting item for the middle and high-tier armor. Because dragons are difficult to defeat, their scales tend to make the best armor due to the protection they offer to the dragon itself. With the Amethyst and Crimson dragons being two of the most powerful monsters in the game, the armor crafted by either scale is of the highest quality and offers superior defense only matched by the ultimate armor for each class, and even then in some ways it can be superior to the ultimate armor.

All dragon scales except for the green and blue dragons have fire-resistant properties, and lessen the damage taken from both fire and the afterburn effect inflicted by some of the dragons. Offering superior defense, all armor crafted from dragon scales are considered extremely useful and valuable, [i]especially[/i] the ones crafted out of non-green or blue scales for their fire-resistant properties.

In the closed beta, armor was the only application of dragon scales, but it is unclear whether additional uses have been added, which is possible in many ways. In time these uses will be discovered as players begin to obtain these scales and experiment with them.