Energy Elemental

Rewards: 75 Credits

Drops: Every 3 Kills a player can receive a <Yellow Quartz Ore>

Tameable: No

Nova Elemental (Field Boss)

Rewards: 250 Credits.

Drops: Every 2 Kills a player can receive a <Marcasite Ore>

Tameable: No

A monster introduced in the Will of Mimir patch, not much is known of it other than it has a counterpart Field Mob which also was included for the elemental patch. From rumors in development, they seem to be a pure Elemental-based monster based from energy, specifically from lightning and electricity. Considered to be one of the tougher enemies to face in the game, they require elemental-based weaponry to even attack them. Despite this, with the Augmented Reality patch, obtaining elemental-based weaponry is not much of a challenge anymore, so this truly isn't much of a problem.

Due to how new they are in development, not much is known about these elementals, other than they are untameable and hurt a lot. Once these beasts start becoming a more potent force in the game will information be made clear on them.

Even more mysteries surround the field boss, which is known as the "Nova Elemental", potentially as powerful as a green dragon in terms of sheer strength. However, it is still uncertain whether the newest patch will make them easy or not to take down. No matter what, the player must be skilled enough to handle themselves on the field of combat in order to defeat one of these monsters.