Rewards: 50 Credits

Drops: Every 3 Kills a player can receive a <Goblin Bone> item.

Tameable: Yes

Goblin King

Rewards: 75 Credits

Drops: Every kill a player can receive an <Onyx Ore> item.

Tameable: No

Simple? Nothing is simple with Crimson Verse, and the second most common enemy is not an exception. These goblins are highly intelligent and deceptive, but they lack the power to conquer except when they work in large groups. Definitely more than enough to handle the unequipped adventurer who is not suspecting to be given a game over so easily.

Goblins are usually 2/3 the height of a normal human, but some can range up to a full out 6ft tall in some cases. Their skin color is a dull greenish grey, and they feature horns and a hidden muscular mass that allows them to be stronger in battle, yet look deceptively weaker. The females are no exception, and as the most common gender they often are the ones out in the field of battle. Goblin females are actually significantly taller than the male counterpart, the average being around 5ft tall. Usually they don't have much... appealing features to players, but it has been known to happen, especially when some female goblins can be up to 7ft tall, and the implications thereof. Female goblins do not have horns, but their males do, which allows them to be singled out more easily in a crowd. This makes their culture different because it is actually a female-oriented structure where the females are the ones in charge in everything but married life.

Even though goblins usually attack the player, there is known to be some settlements of NPC goblins which are benevolent to the player, and can act as a rest stop if needed while adventuring. They aren't cheap though, and supplies are at very inflated prices, but in many cases it's worth it for the exotic goods their culture has which the player's do not have access to otherwise.

Goblins are also some of the easiest monsters to tame as well, and usually they aren't too bitter about it, most of the time. They make good travel companions, and they usually don't end up causing more problems than they help out with.