Ruby Ore

As the drop of one of the most powerful non-field mob, the Red Dragon, Ruby ore is extremely valuable, especially in terms of its latent power of the fire elemental, which is considered by many to be the strongest elemental in the entire game. Introduced after the Will of Mimir patch, its designated use is for weaponry only, for enchantment with

Much like the other non-armor ores, they can be used to make cosmetic armors that have no effect on the defense of the player, and these items are often considered some of the most valuable in the entire game due to how beautiful they can be crafted by those who are expertly skilled in such capabilities.

When the latent powers are embedded into weaponry, players can activate skills to utilize the elemental, which runs off a charging system. The more used, the longer it takes to replenish the elemental within the weaponry, as with all other elementals. Summoning fire-based attacks, any weapon embedded with Ruby ore can bring down even the strongest of foes, as long as they aren't dragons, who are by nature immune to fire.

Other uses of Ruby Ore are still unknown, as no one has been able to obtain any in game yet, but other applications will be made clear as they are discovered by the playerbase.