A class of monster that is split up into two distinct parts, Wolves and their NPC Werewolf counterparts are a force to be reckoned with, and can be quite dangerous. While not being fully implemented in just yet, the NPC Counterpart is being worked on to bring another NPC race for the players to interact with.


Rewards: 150 Credits

Drops: Every 3 Kills a player can receive a <Wolf Fang>

Tameable: Yes

Alpha Wolf (Field Boss)

Rewards: 350 Credits

Drops: Every Kill a player can receive an <Apatite Ore>

Tameable: No

Wolves are definitely not to be underestimated as an enemy. They are incredibly fast, and are strong, and almost always attack in groups to overwhelm their prey. Due to their speed, they are very desirable for the Beast Tamer class, yet are incredibly hard to tame because of how they work in packs. Their main attack is a tackle-like leap that can easily knock down its prey, where the wolf or wolves will begin to bite and pummel their prey until they are killed. Their AI is very powerful as well among the numerous AI's of the monsters, only rivaled by Dragons and Orcs.

The alpha wolf always comes out with a large pack to follow it, being the leader of a pack it comes prepared for battle. Carrying the Ice Elemental Ore along with it, Alpha Wolves are very dangerous and powerful, and are significantly stronger than normal wolves.

Rumors of implementing a new NPC race of werewolves have been hinted at by the developers, but no information other than vague hints currently exist besides a teaser concept art of a transformation taking place.