Yellow Quartz Ore

Dropped by the rather elusive Energy Elemental, Yellow Quartz Ore could potentially be the easiest elemental ore to obtain, but it is uncertain whether an Energy Elemental is easy or not to take on. It's worth is relatively high, as the lightning elemental will potentially turn out to be one of the more useful elementals.

Much like every Elemental ore that is not Emerald, Yellow Quartz ore is only meant for weaponry, and it cannot be fused into armor to strengthen it. Armor can be decorated by Yellow Quartz ore, but no different properties would be applied other than a cosmetic difference.

Much like the Emerald ore, Yellow Quartz Ore-based weaponry has storage of energy for releasing the elemental, the more used at one time the longer it takes to recharge the capacity.

Properties of this lightning elemental-containing Yellow Quartz Ore will be made more clear as time goes by and are obtained by the players of the server.